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Unlike other coaching programs I focus on what's holding you back, what strategies you're missing and help you build the belief & habits that will create the business you can be proud of.

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Life without purpose is just that - without. When you find what you love to do, life becomes more meaningful”


For the past 6 years I have been working with small business owners and helping them reach their business goals. Taking the necessary "business" steps is only half of the battle. Understanding that the person is as much the business owner as they arthe business. Through furthering my studies in NLP, human behaviour and life coaching I believe we need to support the individual through the process as much as the business needs processes. As part of my coaching, I work with a Wholistic view, with the person and their business, as one.

Christine Corcoran

Before I started coaching with Christine, I had so many business ideas that just kept changing & stacking up,  and I felt I was going nowhere. 

With Christine's guidance I was able to discover my 'Why', get clarity & tangible steps to move forward and allow myself to get really excited about my vision for my business.

I have now created a structure and strategy for my business which keeps me motivated and moving forward.

Christine's support & commitment to your journey will have you taking action, stepping up and believing in yourself. 

Megan, P Life Coach & Teacher

I’d never worked with a Business coach before I was introduced to Christine’s profile and didn’t exactly understand what they did or how they did it. I was in a place where I had a lot to give and a lot to do and just couldn’t get my sh*t together. I needed help to make it all happen. Once I started with Christine, I was so grateful! I was so surprised by the depth of knowledge backed up by valuable advice.

I found lots of clarity throughout the coaching and Christine made me feel comfortable and at ease, she never rushed me and I could tell she was focused on just me and my tasks. My feet hit the ground running, instead of day dreaming all the time.

I find myself daily applying the tips and advice to my life and work and feel all the more wiser for the journey I went on with Christine and her coaching.

Jess, L - Photographer

Working with Christine has been wonderful. She has an innate ability to get to the heart of what is really going on. She helped me work through the issues that came up through our discussions, and then helped me to see exactly which direction I longed to go in next without dictating anything along the way. She is both calming and inspiring in equal measure, with an ability to ask the types of probing questions that made me think deeply.Her support, her advice, and the tools she has taught me for how to tackle life head-on have been invaluable; she has done so much more than help me find a way through an incredibly negative situation – she has helped me find the positive mindset to learn from what I experienced, to let that past situation go, and to grow as a result of it. Christine doesn’t just look at one piece of the puzzle – through her focus on one aspect of my life, she helped me improve the whole picture.

Corissa, R - Writer

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